Yet Another New Email

(home) 2021-01-31

I've designed an implemented yet another new email system.

If there is any interest I will whip the code into shape and publish it. Control your expectations tho. The system works but doesn't have any of the polish a multi-dollar project might.

The mail system has the following features

I had planned on peer-to-peer (phone-to-phone) initially, but the problem with mobile is phones is that they are mobile. They shift IP address arbitrarily and may even be turned off for periods of time tho this latter is very unlikely.

I realized that since I'd need a server for discoverability anyway, I might as well just use the server as the mail repository too.

The user app runs on android (phones etc.) and the server is self-deployed on any linux server accessible from the internet.

This system is not intended for non-technical users, although it is quite simple to build and deploy. You will be required to run your own server, although you can host email addresses for multiple users, not just your own.

So far I have a working prototype consisting of the following

There are lots of other things which I plan to implement


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